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33 Cute Easy Dinosaur Drawing Ideas for Beginners

  • By Joanna | updated in May, 2024

I’ve included some of my favourite miniature cute easy dinosaur drawing ideas for you to try. 🦖 Bringing these prehistoric pals to life with fun hats, jobs, and activities is such a joy, even with just a few simple lines.

So, let’s get started and add some dino delight to your day! 🦕

1. Tiny Rock Star T-Rex Drawing

This ferocious fellow may be little, but he’s got a big personality! Creating this image of a cute T-Rex playing an air guitar and rocking out is an iconic dino doodle.

easy cute tiny rock star t-rex drawing ideas

2. Beach Brontosaurus Drawing

With their long necks and friendly faces, brontosauruses make an adorable drawing subject. This lovable long-necked dino looks so sweet lounging on the beach with sunglasses on.

easy cute beach brontosaurus drawing ideas

3. Triceratops Chefs Drawing

Triceratops were the frilled plant-eaters of the Cretaceous period. Creating a trio of these horned cuties dressed as chefs makes for an easy, charming scene.

easy cute triceratops chefs drawing ideas

4. Punk Stegosaurus Drawing

The iconic plates along a stegosaurus’ back are fun to recreate with your pen or pencil. This spiky guy looks rad with a mohawk and leather jacket.

easy cute punk stegosaurus drawing ideas

5. Hatching Dino in Egg Costume Drawing

There’s something so magical about a cracking dino egg! Creating a cute scene of a little dinosaur just hatching out is so sweet.

6. DJ Pterodactyl Drawing

Let your dino doodles groove with this scene of a pterodactyl spinning records as a DJ! Those iconic wings make the perfect backdrop.

easy cute dj pterodactyl drawing ideas

7. Dinosaur Duo on Bikes Drawing

Double the cuteness by drawing a pair of pint-sized dinosaur pals riding tiny bikes together! Maybe they’re different species or two of the same kind.

easy cute dinosaur duo on bikes drawing ideas

8. Festive Ankylosaur Drawing

With its armoured body and spiked tail, the ankylosaur makes for a striking dino subject. This peaceful plant-eater is all dressed up in a cozy Christmas sweater.

easy cute festive ankylosaur drawing ideas

9. Dinosaur Footprint Trail Drawing

You don’t need to draw the whole dinosaur to capture that prehistoric vibe. An easy trail of dino footprints wandering across the page does the trick!

easy cute dinosaur footprint trail drawing ideas

10. Tutu Gallimimuses Drawing

These little dinosaurs were built for speed! Sketch a bunch of gallimimuses mid-stride in colorful ballet tutus for an energetic, fun scene.

easy cute tutu gallimimuses drawing ideas

11. Dinos on the Beach Drawing

Take your dinosaur doodles to the next level by adding scenery! Creating dinos romping and relaxing on a prehistoric beach is so fun.

easy cute dinos on the beach drawing ideas

12. Dino Fossils Dig Drawing

What dino lover doesn’t dream of uncovering fossils? Bring some ancient bones to life with a little dino fossil digger scene.

easy cute dino fossils dig drawing ideas

13. Sleepy Raptor Drawing

Known for their speed and smarts, velociraptors were the clever hunters of the raptor family. This toothy little guy looks ready for a nap in his pyjamas!

 easy cute sleepy raptor drawing ideas

14. Baby Dinos Playing Drawing

Dinosaur babies are the cutest! Creating a few round, pudgy hatchlings in fun costumes tumbling and playing together is so sweet.

easy cute baby dinos playing drawing ideas

15. Compsognathus Artist Drawing

With its long frilled neck and huge eyes, the compsognathus is one funny-looking little guy. This curious biped dino looks creative with a palette and painter’s beret.

easy cute compsognathus artist drawing ideas

16. Grazing Diplodocus Drawing

Diplodocuses were some of the longest plant-eaters to ever roam the earth. Creating one of these gentle giants munching leaves or ferns with a cute bucket hat on is so fun.

easy cute grazing diplodocus drawing ideas

17. Karaoke Dino Drawing

For sheer prehistoric fun, you can’t beat a dino rocking the mic! This idea works for any vocals-loving, bop-along species.

easy cute karaoke dino drawing ideas

18. Tiny Dino Community Drawing

Blend different dino species together in one miniature scene! Creating your tiny dinosaur community can be a lot of fun.

easy cute tiny dino community drawing ideas

19. Dapper Parasaurolophus Drawing

With its tubular cranial crest, the parasaurolophus cuts quite a unique figure. This dapper duckbilled dinosaur looks stylish in a bowtie and top hat!

easy cute dapper parasaurolophus drawing ideas

20. Iguanodon Gardener Drawing

Iguanodons were some of the first dinosaurs discovered, identified by their unique hand bones shaped like thumbs. Creating one of these green thumbs tending to plants is so charming!

 easy cute iguanodon gardener drawing ideas

21. Shy Dino in Disguise Drawing

Not all dinosaurs have to be loud and ferocious. This timid little guy is peeking out from behind a fun disguise, looking sweet and scared.

easy cute shy dino in disguise drawing ideas

22. Mother and Baby Dino Snuggles Drawing

For an extra dose of cute, draw some nurturing dino mom scenes. A mother dinosaur snuggling her baby is the sweetest setup.

easy cute mother and baby dino snuggles drawing ideas

23. Winter Ankylosaurus Drawing

The ankylosaurus was one tough customer with its heavy Armor and bone club tail. Even so, you can doodle this bundled-up dino looking friendly in the snow!

easy cute winter ankylosaurus drawing ideas

24. Astronaut Allosaurus Drawing

For those who prefer the scarier side of dinosaurs with a twist, creating a mighty allosaurus suited up as an astronaut ready to explore space!

easy cute astronaut allosaurus drawing ideas

25. Stretching Brachiosaurus Drawing

These huge dinos make you feel small! Recreate that awe-inspiring scale by sketching a brachiosaurus with its gigantic neck.

easy cute stretching brachiosaurus drawing ideas

26. Gamer Dino Pals Drawing

Dinosaurs look even cuter when they’re having fun together! Doodle a couple of buddies battling it out with video game controllers.

easy cute gamer dino pals drawing ideas

27. Ballerina Dino Drawing

After a hard day of stomping and roaring, even dinosaurs need to relax. Creating a dino getting in touch with her graceful side at ballet class is so sweet!

easy cute ballerina dino drawing ideas

28. Punk Spinosaurus Drawing

The spinosaurus’ iconic back plates make for a striking dino design. Creating those distinctive spines in a punk rock scene is so much fun.

easy cute punk spinosaurus drawing ideas

29. Tiny Dino Drawing

For something imaginative, create dinosaur sitting on a human hand. So simple, yet so evocative!

easy cute tiny dino drawing ideas

30. Comfy Corythosaurus Drawing

The corythosaurus had a cool curved cranial crest. Creating that distinctive dino shape lounging in a cozy robe and slippers is so cute. Peak relaxation!

easy cute comfy corythosaurus drawing ideas

31. Dizzy Bonking Dinos Drawing

These thick-headed dinos were known for bonking their domes together. Make your own little dizzy pachycephalosaurus pals recovering from a serious noggin knock!

Dizzy Bonking Dinos

32. Dino Circus Drawing

While not all dinosaurs were massive, the little ones could still be big performers! Doodle some pint-sized prehistoric dinos at the circus.

easy cute dino circus drawing ideas

33. Dino Daycare Drawing

Instead of roaming the prehistoric lands, these dinos are just regular kids! Creating a variety of mischievous dino tots romping at daycare is so sweet.

easy cute dino daycare drawing ideas

I hope you enjoyed these cute easy dinosaur drawing ideas with a fun twist! Creating these cute dino scenes always brings me such childlike delight. 🥰

Feel free to mix and match details, add backgrounds, or make the drawings your unique style. The most important thing is to have fun with it!

Until next time, happy drawing!



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Please be aware that we may earn commissions if you make a purchase through our links. This does not influence our reviews or comparisons. We are committed to providing fair and balanced information to assist you in making the best decision for your needs.