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39 Easy Cute Animal Drawing Ideas for Beginners

  • By Joanna | updated in May, 2024

No matter your skill level, these bite-sized drawings are made to inspire joy through their cute, cheerful animal drawing ideas. 🐢🐱

Grab your pencils and get ready to fill your pages with the most adorable easy cute animal drawing ideas imaginable! πŸ–οΈ

1. Playful Puppy Drawing

Creating cute puppies 🐢 is so much fun! I created this playful pup, full of energy and joy, as an easy way to add some adorable charm to your sketchbook. 🎨

easy cute playful puppy drawing ideas

2. Cuddly Kitten Drawing

Here’s a cuddly little kitten 😻 curled up for a cozy nap. It was easy to create this sweet feline friend to doodle on your page. πŸ–οΈ

easy cute cuddly kitten drawing ideas

3. Friendly Frog Drawing

This friendly frog 🐸 is the perfect little doodle to hop onto your page! I enjoyed creating this cheerful amphibian buddy. 🌺

easy cute friendly frog drawing ideas

4. Lovable Llama Drawing

How about this lovable llama πŸ¦™ with its cute, fuzzy coat? I made this adorable camelid easy to draw with its simple shapes. 🌡

easy cute lovable llama drawing ideas

5. Curious Owl Drawing

Owls are so cute! πŸ¦‰ This curious little guy was fun to create, with his big eyes and fluffy feathers. A great addition to any nature-themed doodle page.

easy cute owl drawing ideas

6. Sweet Panda Drawing

Who can resist the charm of a sweet panda? 🐼 I made this black and white bear cub easy to draw, perfect for capturing that adorable panda energy!

easy cute sweet panda drawing ideas

7. Sleepy Sloth Drawing

This sleepy sloth πŸ¦₯ is the cutest little slow mover! I created this hanging cutie with simple shapes that make it a breeze to doodle.

easy cute sleepy sloth drawing ideas

8. Curious Koala Drawing

Koalas are just the cutest! 🐨 I brought this curious little guy to life with an easy, minimalist style perfect for any nature-themed page.

easy cute curious koala drawing ideas

9. Sweet Sheep Drawing

Baa! This sweet little lamb πŸ‘ is sure to put a smile on your face. I made its woolly coat and cute face easy to recreate.

easy cute sweet sheep drawing ideas

10. Bouncy Bunny Drawing

Here’s a bouncy little bunny 🐰 that’s perfect for an outdoor scene! I gave this cute cottontail simple shapes to make it super easy to draw.

easy cute bouncy bunny drawing ideas

11. Friendly Fish Drawing

Swimming onto the page is this friendly little fish! 🐟 I created its smiling face and flowing fins with a minimalist, beginner-friendly style.

easy cute friendly fish drawing ideas

12. Cute Chick Drawing

Here’s a cute little chick πŸ₯ to hatch onto your drawing page! With its fuzzy down and beak, I made this baby bird simple but adorable.

easy cute sweet chick drawing ideas

13. Cute Piglet Drawing

This little piglet 🐷 is too cute for words! I gave it a smiley face and curly tail to make an easy, charming farmyard friend.

easy cute friendly piglet drawing ideas

14. Gentle Deer Drawing

Here’s a gentle deer 🦌 to gracefully prance onto your nature doodles. With its slender legs and sweet face, I created this forest friend with ease.

easy cute gentle deer drawing ideas

15. Huggable Bear Drawing

Who could resist a big ol’ huggable teddy bear? 🐻 This animal was fun to create in an approachable, iconic style

easy cute huggable bear drawing ideas

16. Sweet Squirrel Drawing

Scurrying up a tree is this sweet little squirrel! 🐿️ I gave it a big, fuzzy tail and cute button nose for maximum adorableness.

easy cute sweet squirrel drawing ideas

17. Cuddly Penguin Drawing

Just look at this cuddly little penguin! 🐧 With its plump body and friendly smile, I aimed to make this Antarctic pal huggable.

easy cute cuddly penguin drawing ideas

18. Gentle Giraffe Drawing

Here’s a gentle giraffe πŸ¦’ with its long neck and adorable face. An easy way to bring a bit of safari cuddliness to your page.

easy cute gentle giraffe drawing ideas

19. Curious Mouse Drawing

This curious little mouse 🐁 is too cute to ignore! I gave it big eyes, perky ears, and a friendly expression to make an irresistibly charming critter.

easy cute curious mouse drawing ideas

20. Sweet Seal Drawing

Who can resist the charm of a sweet baby seal? I created this little guy with a plump body and big, soulful eyes for maximum “aww” factor.

easy cute sweet seal drawing ideas

21. Playful Otter Drawing

Here’s a playful little otter 🦦 to add some fun to your drawings! With its adorable face and energetic pose, this river friend is sure to delight.

easy cute playful otter drawing ideas

22. Cuddly Pony Drawing

This cuddly little pony 🐴 is too cute for words! I gave it a friendly expression and shaggy mane that just begs for snuggles.

easy cute cuddly pony drawing ideas

23. Playful Dolphin Drawing

Dive into the cuteness of this playful dolphin! 🐬 With its friendly smile and leaping pose, I aimed to capture the cheerful spirit of these marine mammals.

easy cute playful dolphin drawing ideas

24. Sweet Hedgehog Drawing

Just look at this sweet little hedgehog! πŸ¦” With its prickly quills and adorable snout, I gave it simple shapes to recreate its unique charm.

easy cute sweet hedgehog drawing ideas

25. Curious Calf Drawing

This curious little calf πŸ„ is all big eyes and fuzzy fur! An easy farm friend to add some pastoral cuddliness to your sketchbook.

easy cute curious calf drawing ideas

26. Friendly Raccoon Drawing

This friendly little raccoon 🦝 has just the face to win you over! I gave it a cute button nose, bandit mask, and cuddly demeanour.

easy cute friendly raccoon drawing ideas

27. Lovable Hippo Drawing

You can’t help but love this lovable little hippo! πŸ¦› With its big smile, tubby body, and friendly expression, it’s an instant bundle of joy.

easy cute lovable hippo drawing ideas

28. Sweet Chipmunk Drawing

Just look at this sweet little chipmunk 🐿️ stuffing its cheeks full of snacks! With its striped fur and bright eyes, it’s impossible not to smile.

easy cute sweet chipmunk drawing ideas

29. Cheeky Monkey Drawing

This cheeky little monkey πŸ’ is full of playful mischief! With its cute face, hanging pose, and curious expression, it’s pure primate personality.

easy cute cheeky monkey drawing ideas

30. Elegant Swan Drawing

Gliding gracefully is this elegant swan 🦒. I aimed to capture its serene beauty with simple, flowing lines for the long neck and feathers.

easy cute elegant swan drawing ideas

31. Stripey Zebra Drawing

Let’s add some stripes with this cute zebra! πŸ¦“ I gave it a friendly expression and iconic black and white markings in a simple, easily drawable style.

easy cute stripey zebra drawing ideas

32. Gentle Giant Drawing

Here’s a gentle giant – an adorable baby elephant! 🐘 With its long trunk, big floppy ears, and pudgy legs, this little guy is pure cuddliness.

easy cute gentle giant drawing ideas

33. Cute Coyote Drawing

Let’s bring some wilderness with this howling coyote! 🐺 I captured its alert ears, cute eyes, and sitting pose for a charming woodland scene.

easy cute friendly coyote drawing ideas

34. Sly Fox Drawing

This sly little fox 🦊 looks ready to pull a clever trick! With its pointed ears, cute eyes, and bushy tail, I aimed for a mischievous yet charming forest friend.

easy cute sly fox drawing ideas

35. Friendly Whale Drawing

Breach onto the scene with this friendly whale! 🐳 I captured its huge, cheerful smile and arcing body in an easy, flowing style perfect for the ocean.

easy cute friendly whale drawing ideas

36. Friendly Shark Drawing

Don’t be afraid, this friendly shark 🦈 just wants to smile! I gave it a big, goofy grin and cute eyes to take the fear out of this ocean predator.

easy cute friendly shark drawing ideas

37. Butterfly Beauty Drawing

Let’s add some lovely patterns to this butterfly beauty! πŸ¦‹ Simple shaping captures the iconic wings while a sweet face gives it plenty of charm.

easy cute butterfly beauty drawing ideas

38. Snappy Crocodile Drawing

Here’s a snappy little crocodile! 🐊 Don’t worry, this scaly friend looks more cute than scary with its big toothy smile and friendly eyes.

easy cute snappy croc drawing ideas

39. Bouncy Kangaroo Drawing

Hop to it with this bouncy kangaroo! 🦘 I gave this iconic Aussie creature powerful haunches, a cute face, and a youngster in its pouch.

easy cute bouncy kangaroo drawing ideas

From puppies to pandas, I hope these easy cute animal drawing ideas give you plenty of inspiration to fill your sketchbook pages! 🎨

Keep on doodling, my artistic friends! πŸ–οΈ



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Please be aware that we may earn commissions if you make a purchase through our links. This does not influence our reviews or comparisons. We are committed to providing fair and balanced information to assist you in making the best decision for your needs.