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How to Draw a Pineapple Step by Step - 12 Easy Steps to Simple Pineapple Drawing!

  • By Joanna | updated in February, 2024
Follow this easy step-by-step tutorial to learn how to draw a Pineapple in just 12 simple steps!

How to draw a pineapple step by step

In this fun and easy pineapple drawing tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw a pineapple step by step.

This tutorial is great for beginner artists (both kids and adults) who want to improve their drawing skills.

Pineapples represent a tropical oasis. The pineapple is a symbol of welcome, hospitality, and warmth.

Pineapples are tropical fruits that are native to South America. They have a somewhat spiny appearance and can grow up to five feet tall and can weigh up to 20 pounds.

The pineapple is a member of the Bromeliad Family, which includes over 3,000 species of plants. Pineapples are grown in warm climates all over the world, including places like Hawaii, Brazil, and the Philippines.

Pineapples are a popular fruit because they are sweet and juicy. They are often used in tropical drinks and smoothies. Pineapples are also a good source of Vitamin C.

Drawing a pineapple can be a delightful experience, beginning with its recognizable oval shape and textured surface, allowing artists to practice layering, shading, and detailing while capturing the tropical and vibrant essence of this fruit.

Once you have completed your pineapple drawing, you will have a delicious-looking fruit that you can use in your artwork or share with friends and family.

What You’ll Need

We’ll be creating our pineapple drawing using the following materials:

  • A piece of paper
  • A pencil
  • An eraser

How to Draw a Pineapple Step by Step

Follow the steps below to learn how to draw a pineapple.

We’ve included all of the steps in detail so that the process is easy to follow.

So, if you’ve got your art supplies ready, let’s get started!

Pineapple drawing

The collage above shows each step of the process so you know what your pineapple drawing should look like at each stage. 

Instructions on How to Draw Pineapple

Tip: Make sure you don’t press too hard on the paper when you draw your pencil lines so that you can correct your mistakes with an eraser as you go through the tutorial. This will also make it a lot easier to erase marks when you finish your artwork.

Step 1: Draw the Main Body of Your Pineapple

Draw curved lines to create an oval shape. Make sure the drawing area is below the center of the paper because pineapples are quite tall.

Pineapple drawing

Step 2: Draw the Bottom of the Crown

Draw some leaves on the top of the pineapple. This will be the bottom of the crown.

Pineapple drawing

Step 3: Add the First Layer of the Middle Part of the Crown

Add a layer of leaves on top of the bottom part of the crown. Make these leaves slightly longer and wider than the bottom leaves.

Pineapple drawing

Step 4: Add More Layers to the Middle of the Crown

Finish the middle part of the crown by adding another layer of leaves.

Pineapple drawing

Step 5: Start the Top of The Crown

In the previous step, we used wider leaves but for the top, we will use longer taller leaves. Start by drawing some slightly taller leaves.

Pineapple drawing

Step 6: Add Another Layer

Add some longer and wider leaves on top.

Pineapple drawing

Step 7: Finish the Crown

Finally, you can finish the crown by adding one last layer of leaves on the top.

Pineapple drawing

Hopefully, your pineapple drawing should look more like a pineapple at this stage!

Step 8: Criss-Cross Pattern (step 1)

Draw some curved lines on the main body of your pineapple drawing.

Pineapple drawing

Step 9: Criss-Cross Pattern (step 2)

Draw some more curved lines in the opposite direction.

Pineapple drawing

Step 10: Draw Some Horizontal Wave Patterns on Your Pineapple

Your final step is to draw lots of wave-shaped lines from the left to the right of your pineapple to create a realistic surface texture.

Pineapple drawing

Step 11: Add Details to the Leaves

Draw some small lines inside each of the leaves.

Pineapple drawing

Step 12: Erase Rough Pencil Lines

Use an eraser to remove any unwanted rough pencil lines.

The Final Result

There you have it! A delicious-looking pineapple. Now you know how to draw a pineapple.

Pineapple drawing

Don’t worry if your pineapple simple drawing isn’t perfect the first time, the more you practice the better you will get!

Be sure to practice this pineapple drawing until you get it just right.

Then, try drawing other fruits, like blueberries or grapes. Soon, you’ll be a master at fruit drawing!

Looking for more drawing inspiration? Search our list of 101+ Drawing Ideas!

Happy drawing!



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Please be aware that we may earn commissions if you make a purchase through our links. This does not influence our reviews or comparisons. We are committed to providing fair and balanced information to assist you in making the best decision for your needs.